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Sofa and Headboard

This design is based on a single element: an 8” x 8” (20 x 20 cm) “leather cushion”, filled with spongy material of different densities, assembled according to what part of the body it is to support. Each of these cushions, or “leather tiles”, are connected to the other cushions by a fastener that secures them only at each corner.

The advantages of this construction system are many: each tile can be easily replaced independent of each other; air flows along the edges of the tiles where they overlap; and the hide is fully utilized with very little left over, thusly reducing the cost. 
This method of construction requires no expensive craftsmanship. Since the padding in each tile can be of a different density, it allows building a far more ergonomic type of backrest.

The traditional construction technique to build a Chesterfield, requiring at least two very skilled craftsmen working for three days, is hereby re-formulated in a contemporary way. 
The backrest, which is longer than the seat, visually defines the sitting area. No space is wasted since this backrest design recognizes the fact that a sofa always needs side tables. Since the backrest is also well finished, the sofa can be positioned in the middle of a room, serving as a space definer.

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