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Aquacolor Watercolor Set

The Aquacolor Watercolor Set is composed of three hinged tiers – a palette with two color trays – which are easily removed for cleaning or replacement. The two halves of its self-locking storage/carrying case are designed to function additionally as a segmented water bucket, reducing the number of objects required in order to paint. Innovative in its concern for cleaning, storage and usage problems encountered by both children and adults, the Aquacolor box is easy to carry, empty, and maintain, while providing a distinctive product identity. 
Calendar Memory Bags, 1974, p. 334
This calendar system is designed to serve as a reminder of future plans and convenient storage for items from the past on a month-by-month basis. Die-cut circular frames surround each day of the month, providing an aesthetically-pleasing graphic element that allows the user to view the contents of either the brown bag or color-coded inter-office versions without opening. These calendar bags function as a physical reminder of the past as it points to the future.

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